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Website Design is the process of aesthetically arranging ideas, with the intention of presenting them in web pages, which the end users will later access through internet via their web browsers.

AZWeb is proud to be one of the leading website design agencies in Toronto and GTA, thanks to our commitment to make each and every one of our customers happy. Being in such fierce competition cannot be easy without having the skills and the tools needed to achieve the high standard required by the clients. Web design requires an artist skill, like any other type of design; as web design professionals, at AZweb, we always consider these key visual elements:

Graphics: include photos, banners, logo, icons and clip-art. These elements help enhancing the web design, and need to be placed properly in order to make a good navigation experience for the end-user. All without making its cluttered and slow loading.

Layout: It is the way graphics and text are placed in the web pages, a good layout will help user find what he is looking for easily and at a glance.

Color: It will depend on the client and the whole purpose of the website; the colors used in a website design convey the personality and the values of a brand or a person.

Fonts: Using a variety of fonts enhances the look and the user-friendliness of a website; however, only a limited number of fonts are recognized by the web browsers, good web designer will work only with these widely known fonts.

Content: The content and the design work hand in hand in order to convey the overall message of the person or the brand. The goal is to present a useful content in a beautiful design to the end-user, allowing him find what he is seeking, and making him stay longer in the website.

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    Our website design process

    Our comprehensive website design strategy ensures a perfectly crafted website for your business.
    • 1.

      Consultation and brainstorming

      Just like Graphics & Print Design process, we always kick-off our web design projects with some good quality conversations with our clients, including asking them some specific questions we need to know about their business. The goal is to learn as much as possible about the company’s culture, values and the way they do business, we then inject that message when we design their website. By following this step, we are not creating designs that looks a total stranger to our customer.Once we get to know our customer, we then do our market search and discovery, in order to know the audience (who are the potential customers or clients), and the competition (who we are up against). Knowing about the audience will allow us to know where we need to take our designs, style wise. And knowing about the client’s competition, will allow us to see who else is out there and how their websites look like, so we can avoid doing something similar or identical. Remember, our work is to set the client apart from everybody else.

    • 2.

      Wire-frame and design

      A wire-frame is a simple presentation of the website which shows its structural level only. It is a necessary stage during the whole interactive design process, and it often takes place in the beginning of the project life-cycle. A wire-frame is a graphical skeleton of a website, it is aimed to show the content and the functionalities of the website before any design, and it also helps communicate with the client about the design concept.At AZweb, after the consultation phase, we build a complete wire-frame of the website using the best tools in the market, we then communicate it to our client and get a constructive feedback, re-wire-frame it again if necessary before going further to the designing phase.Our wire-frames have these 3 main elements:
      Information design – Contains the main information, outlining the structure and layout of the page.
      Interface design – Providing visuals and a description of the user interface.
      Navigation design – To create the global and secondary navigation to improve the user experience.

    • 3.

      Website development

      At this stage, We take the design created on the previous step and build a fully functioning website, using development languages such as HTML and CSS, development tools such CMS and frameworks .
      As developers, we take the design and break it up into it’s components, following the universal and standard rules of web development.

    • 4.

      Finalization and tuning

      During this final phase, all the web design elements are implemented one by one, the layout, graphics, colors, fonts and the content. Details and various bells and whistles are added, and during this process, we also check how our design will perform in different platforms and different screen sizes (responsiveness).Ultimately, the final website version will be chosen and approved.

    • 5.

      Validation and delivery

      During this step, we will sit down with the client and go through all the details about the new built website, we will hand out all files and any necessary information such as emails and passwords. We will also take notes if there is anything to modify or change.

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