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Modern distinct, and evergreen logo for your business.

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Why Branding Matters?

Coming up with a great business idea is the first step towards becoming a successful entrepreneur, but once you’ve got the idea, the real work starts, you will then work on branding your business, in other words, you need to tell your clients and customers who you are, what you and your company are about, why they should work with you and what they can expect if they do.

At AZWeb, we know branding and we will make sure to give everything you need to build a strong and long lasting brand, assuring the success of your business in the process.

As you expected, one of the main parts of branding is the brand’s logo, there’s no business like yours. You know it. We know it. There’s no better way to capture the core of your brand than a one-of-a-kind, unique logo design. At AZWeb, we take pride in designing powerful yet simple logos for our unique customers. We take all the necessary time to create something that truly represents you and your brand. Remember, no customer will ever forget a unique logo that surprises them, breaks the rules or is simply different. Our team at AZWeb will create a logo that is just as distinct as you are!

­ - Modern distinct, and evergreen logo for your business.
­ - Branding that stands out in the crowd.
­ - Strategic approach towards redesigning your brand.

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    Our Logo Design Process

    Our comprehensive logo design strategy ensures a perfectly crafted logo for your business.
    • 1.


      A great logo is the face of the company values and culture. That is why we always kick-off our logo design projects with some good quality conversations with our clients, including asking them some specific questions we need to know about their business. The goal is to learn as much as possible about the company’s culture, values and the way they do business, we then inject that message when we design their logo. By following this step, we are not creating a logo that looks a total stranger to our customer.Once we get to know our customer, we then do our market search and discovery, in order to know the audience (who is the logo for), and the competition (who we are up against). Knowing about the audience will allow us to know where we need to take our logo style wise. And knowing about the client’s competition, will allow us to see who else is out there and how their logos look, so we can avoid doing something similar or identical. Remember, our work is to set the client apart from everybody else.

    • 2.


      After the exploration comes sketching, during this step, we use pens and papers and draft anything that seems related to our clients brand, we draw dozens of logos ideas during our brainstorming sessions, because we know that the only way to separate the good ones form the bad is to have a lot to pick from. We also know that our first ideas aren’t necessary the best! At AZWeb, we sketch, then we sketch, and then we sketch again.

    • 3.


      After we are done with the sketching process, we pick 4 to 6 of our best ideas and create some initial designs in the computer using our multiple vector based programs. We then create some quick designs in black and white, and then present them to the client for initial review. At this stage we don’t really bother with adding colors and details, keeping things simple will put the focus on the ideas themselves instead of tiny details.Our main objective is to get client feedback on our rough ideas and identify the ones they’d like to refine.

    • 4.


      According to some proven studies, the right color can improve a customer’s brand perception and evoke the right associations to enhance the company’s base. Reason why, at AZWeb, we use the entire color palette for our logo designs, we know that there is no one-size-fits-all color solution. Before painting our logos, we explore the specifics of each color, and find the right fit for every and each logo we design.

    • 5.

      Final logo

      During this final phase, details and various bells and whistles are added, various application mockups are developed to see how the logo will perform in different situations, sometimes a logo detail on paper doesn’t really work well on a coffee mug or a T-shirt.Ultimately, the final logo is chosen, approved and prepared for identity development.As you can imagine, a great logo is not the end but the beginning of a great brand identity.

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